We at Valderas Consulting have been working with IT consulting work since 1996.
We work with development and implementation of customer-specific systems.



Our philosophy is that our employees should be self-motivated and deeply interested in IT. This is, in combination with giving our employees great personal responsibility and good training, in our opinion a guarantee to become very good in the areas we work with.

Our business is based on open discussions and the lack of hierarchies. We believe that the one who knows best leads the work for a specific task.



Our employees are all broad IT generalists with one or more specialist areas within their line of business.


The developers with us are so-called full stack developers in general and they are usually considered very good when they are out with the customer. The reason why our consultants usually stand out positively is that from an early stage in their development they have been given great responsibility and have had to develop advanced applications themselves. To cope with this, it is important that the employee is independent, interested in their line of work and responsible beings.


Examples of specialist areas are front-end development, back-end development, database development, code optimization, and code structure.